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1. Outcomes of a higher vs. lower hemodialysate bicarbonate concentration: A pragmatic cluster randomized trial in hemodialysis centres

2. STrategic Optimization of Prescription Medication Use in Patients on HemoDialysis (STOP Med-HD)

3. Effect of food when taking Cinacalcet in reducing PTH

4. PREventing FracturEs in REnal Disease 2 – PREFERRED-2

5. SOLUTETrial – Sodium fOr diaLysis oUTcome rEduction

6. Impact of diuretic use on cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in patients on maintenance hemodialysis who have residual renal function

7. Expanded versus conventional hemodialysis: a large pragmatic cluster randomized trial

8. COgnitive pRotection with REmote isChemic condiTioning (CORRECT) Trial

9. Finding the right blood pressure target for patients on dialysis: A cluster randomized trial